October 17, 2013


Ramsbottom Model Railway Club

Thursday 17/10/2013

Evening All,

I always appreciate coming down to our club house and seeing our model of Ramsbottom representing the town that we all live in. The models all give a good representation of how Ramsbottom once looked and maybe in some cases is the last reminder of the industrial era that has sadly passed.

Anyway here are the updates for tonight.

Members present: – Danny Jones, Keith Cragg, Alan Garside, Peter Hankinson.

  • Ramsbottom Station Lamp Posts have been painted maroon having been glued in place.
  • Ramsbottom Station Wall Lights grains of rice bulbs have had the tails painted black. These will require a second coat to improve the look.
  • 3x Gas bottles have been refilled from Flogas of Burnley.
  • 15x Connector Blocks & Plug in Connector Blocks and 6x 10pin tag boards have been purchased from Rapid Components.
  • The Connector Plug in Blocks has been installed between each board joint on the Bacup Shed Layout.
  • Following on from last week when the holes on Bacup Shed were drilled between the board joint supports, this has now had 2x 2.5mm cables run along the full length of the board with joints put in between the board for the power.
  • Tag boards have had copper strips soldered on between each contact.
  • On the first section of the Bacup layout, the tag board has been installed with all power wires soldered onto and wires up to the connector board joints.
  • Keith has been building a ramp for the coaling stage on Bacup. After a week and yet more photos we have not been able to determine the shape of the building and what extra features it had.
  • Alan has started to build some steps for the Bacup Shed Signal Box.

Tonight saw a visit from Mark Towers, Mark has not been able to pay us a visit for around a year and half ago roughly the time when Roger passed away.  Always nice to see an old friend graces us with their presence.

Posted by Danny

Hello im Danny, Im 27 and Im an electrician from Ramsbottom. Ive been involved with our club since 1997-1999 and 2005 to present. Im am also the Club Secretary and Webmaster.

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