Old Ramsbottom

In this section you will find pictures of locations from around Ramsbottom and Stubbins that we have modelled with hopefully some detail to go along with them. If you can help with any information then please get in touch eagle1711@hotmail.com


Ramsbottom Station with a “A7 Accrington” 2x Car Cravens DMU that seems to be stopping at Ramsbottom Station. Notice the large goods shed building behind the train. The large chimney in the background belonged to Square Mill



This is the old toll house that was located on Bridge Street, It was located next to the Police Station opposite Ramsbottom Paper Mill. Tolls stopped being used on Bridge Street around 1900. Today that is only the gate post that can be seen in this picture – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society



This view shows Peel Bridge looking from the Paper Mill side of the River Irwell. The buildings you can see are still standanding to this day and are now private houses and a hairdressers.  The bridge has also been widened. – 19th June 1933 – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society


This view is looking from Stubbins Lane towards Stubbins with Stubbins Paper Mill on the left, Stubbins Station in the centre and Stubbins Junction Signal Box on the right. – 1950 – Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society


This view shows Field Mill, a three storey mill at the bottom of Kenyon Street. The picture was taken in October 1953. Copyright Ramsbottom Heritage Society


This view shows Irwell Saw Mill off Harrison Street, This has all now been demolished and small industrial units are now here including the new Rossvale Tyres.