Here you will find videos that we have taken with a camera or with a Branor Camtruck. These will include overall views, open evenings and detail views.

If you have any videos that we can use then please get in touch


This video was taken whilst up a ladder and gives a great view of the whole layout from a birdseye view.

This video shows 3 of the Gauge Master Seuthe Smoke Generators that have been installed in chimneys located on Kenyon Street.

This video gives an impression of how many people attended during the open evening 20-10-2011

Field Mill Chimney located on Kenyon Street. Gauge Master Seuthe Smoke Generator

Our layout during the evening with the club lights off and building lights on.

This is Stubbins Mill Chimney which is fitted with a Gauge Master Suethe Smoke Generator

Branor Camtruck with a Dapol Saddle Tank engine go the full length around the layout.

Bachmann Fairburn Heads from Stubbins to Ramsbottom .

Alex moves one long train from Stubbins into Ramsbottom .

Ramsbottom Model Railway Club Open Evening 17/08/2010 .