May 15, 2014


Ramsbottom Model Railway Club


Members Present: – Keith Cragg, Peter Hankinson, Dan Jones and Alex King.

Firstly it’s been awhile since we had any updates with regards to the website, layouts, members etc so here goes.

Member news

Adrian Hall paid us a visit last week. Adrian doesn’t really get the time to visit us much as he lives in Spain so when he does it’s always nice to see an old friend.

Layout News

Ramsbottom – No news to report.

Unnamed Layout – Rawtenstall

  • So it has been decided that the new layout will be Rawtenstall. The layout will be an end to end layout starting at the level crossing on Bury Road (Rawtenstall East) and finish after the level crossing on New Hall Hey Road (Rawtenstall West).
  • The new layout will have features such as Goods Warehouse, Level Crossings, Cattle Docks, a Pedestrian Underpass, Coal Yard and the River Irwell.
  • Keith has laid a sheet of cork down and has made a start with track laying. He has started on the station and run around loops.
  • Point motor holes have been cut in the cork and base boards.
  • Power supply wires have been made and soldered onto sections of track.
  • All point motors have had longer wires to make the job of wiring them up under the layout a bit easier.
  • A start on research has begun for suitable photographs, maps and drawings have begun to help us complete this layout. These have come from various websites, Google street view, books etc and give some great views, maps, plans and previous unseen photographs.
  • Alan has decided to donate some of his buildings from his own personal layout that he has decided to shorten. These include a 2 road engine shed, a through station with a model of Ramsbottom station footbridge and Tottington Station, factory, houses and other small buildings.
  • Alan has made a start on the large goods shed that sits behind the station. He has cut out one side using a sheet of balsa wood then lined with brick paper.
  • Dan has made a start on the station signal box. All four sides and the roof sections have been cut. These have been scoured to show planking.


  • Section 1 -54inch x 36inch
  • Section 2 – 24inch x 36inch
  • Section 3 – 40inch x 36inch
  • Section 4 – 25inch x 36inch 
  • Section 5 – 40inch by 24inch

Each section is made up of a frame work of soft wood which is generally 2inch x 3inch which has a cross frame with 1inch x 2ich. Only section 1 is slight different being made up of frame 1inch by 3inch soft wood due to being a later addition.

Other News

  • The website has had a facelift with a different theme and colour scheme. Every section has been looked at with new information added where possible. New sections have been added including events and members. More details can be found at
  • Two weeks ago an old member Chris Hill payed us a visit. Chris was an original member from 1978-1984. He also was involved in a few open days in the early years.
  • Our new neighbors have also been into the club house lately to see our layouts and gave us there blessing to carry on supplying the water.
  • Some of the old articles of the club when we have been in the local press have been laminated to help protect them for years to come and others to enjoy.

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Hello im Danny, Im 27 and Im an electrician from Ramsbottom. Ive been involved with our club since 1997-1999 and 2005 to present. Im am also the Club Secretary and Webmaster.

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