February 14, 2014

Harry Dennis 13-02-2014

Harry Dennis

I received a phone call last night around 7.30pm from Roger who is Harrys son to inform me and the club of Harrys passing earlier that morning.

Harry was one who first came up with the idea of forming a club without him maybe we would never of existed. He was our first chairman who seemed to dedicate a large of his time to club and its aims.

In the later years of his life he couldnt attend as much as he would of liked due to his wife having dementia and needing full time care but when he did he would come down, run the layout and let us know of any faults.

Harry was a local postman serving the local town of Ramsbottom which led him to work with our chairman Alan Gartside and the late Roger Wilson.

Rest In Peace Harry, you will be missed by all of us from the club.


Posted by Danny

Hello im Danny, Im 27 and Im an electrician from Ramsbottom. Ive been involved with our club since 1997-1999 and 2005 to present. Im am also the Club Secretary and Webmaster.

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